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Event store information

​We will inform you about the event information that our store will open.


The 49th Onari Bonbori Festival
Period: 2023/7/27 (Thursday) to 7/30 (Sunday)
Venue: Onari-dori (immediately at the west exit of Kamakura Station)

◉Bonbori design display
◉Events and refreshment stands (*)
*7/29 (Sat) 16:00-18:30
 7/30 (Sunday) 15:00-18:30
 Kamakura Inishie Nishi will open stores around our store for the above two days.
Kuradashi Chilled Sweet Potato "Kiridashi"
will be sold.

In addition, there will be performances of helmets, small portable shrines, children's Yosakoi Kids, game competitions for children, toy scooping, yo-yos, watermelon splitting competitions, puppeteering, and more!

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