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Chilled roasted sweet potatoes

Japanese Crafts

We would like to express our deepest sympathies to those affected by the 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake.


◉Very popular every year ``Ice baked sweet potato” Now on sale!

Many media It was introduced in!

Nippon Television “Hirunandesu!”

TV Asahi series “A detour trip on a local bus”

Fuji Television Network, Inc“Take the Takatoshi Nukumizu route bus!”

*After the TV broadcast, there may be congestion and products in stores and online shops may be temporarily out of stock. Please note​.


🍠 Orders and gifts for chilled and baked items

  online shop  please use!

~ Order online and deliver by refrigerated cool mail ~

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Made from Natural, Sweet Vegetables

Hana Onari, the finest chilled roasted sweet potatoes fresh from the roastery

Flower onari (spring).JPG

Hana Onari (Vegan)

​It is delicious if you eat it chilled and with the skin on.

Our store is located on Onari street in Kamakura. Our flagship product, Hana Onari, is an additive-free sweet potato snack brought to you straight from our roastery where it has been cured to perfection.


After roasting the sweet potatoes, we cool them down in order to bring out their maximum umami and sweetness. By eating them with the skin on, you can take advantage of all the valuable nutrients that they offer.


Nothing is added or subtracted. We hope that the subtle and elegant natural sweetness will stay with you as part of your Kamakura memories. Please enjoy the silky and smooth texture of our chilled roasted sweet potatoes.


We also offer Kiridashi. Please see Menu for further details.


Fashionable IMO (potatoes)

dressed up in KIMONO

One day, after baking and curing exceptionally delicious sweet potatoes, we thought that we might be able to bring extra joy to our customers by wrapping them with traditional Japanese paper. After rounds of trials, we finally came up with our current presentation (patent #1648718).


We have heard that during the Kamakura period (1185-1133), it was customary to wrap gifts with traditional Japanese paper. Our wrapped Hana Onari make us feel an intimate connection with our history. Many of our kimono-shaped origami papers have unique designs that may only be available on that day. We hope that you find their singularity charming.


For the wrapping, we mainly use Yuzen washi paper whose designs are inspired by the patterns on kimono fabrics. We hope you delight in choosing from our colorful paper kimono selection, while imagining the old Japanese landscape that inspired their designs. Isn’t it funny that the word imo, meaning potatoes, is hidden inside the word kimono? What a coincidence. Both in their appearance and in their names, Hana Onari wraps potatoes inside kimono. We hope that makes you smile when you help yourself to our fashionable potatoes.


5 flower onari.JPG

Hana Onari (Cold Yakiimo)


About gift service

When you purchase a box, we will hang your favorite Japanese paper on the box. There is also a message sticker to be attached to the box.

[Box fee] For 2 to 3 pieces: 80 yen / For 4 to 5 pieces: 100 yen

Decorative Japanese paper.jpg

I will hang your favorite Japanese paper

Message sticker all year round.png

Message sticker (all year)

Message sticker image.jpg

Image of attaching a message sticker

Message sticker season.png

Message sticker (event)

"Hana Onari"Reservation​accepted

Please use it for birthday presents, various celebrations, gifts and for your home.

By phone, in store, on our websiteContact formAnd please contact us by e-mail.

When making a reservation, please let us know the color and pattern of the Japanese paper you would like, and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please feel free to contact us.

3 flower onari.JPG

Please use it for celebrations, gifts, and home use.

・ 3 pieces ¥ 1,580 ・ 5 pieces ¥ 2,600 (tax included including box fee) * Other quantities are also available.

* Box fee service for reservations made 3 days in advance!

(3 pieces ¥ 1,580 → ¥ 1,500 , 5 pieces ¥ 2,600 → ¥ 2,500 )

<This product is a refrigerated product. It will last for 5 days in the refrigerator, including the sale date>​

​ ▼Gifts available!


Thorough curing only possible in a roastery


How we produce the finest products all year round

Our roastery was built with Oya stone in the late 1940s. Today, after more than 70 years, it still maintains the temperature and humidity exceptionally well and works brilliantly as our storehouse.


In 2019, we repainted the exterior walls and retiled the roof, but it is no ordinary task to maintain sweet potatoes, the key ingredients of Hana Onari, in perfect conditions at all times. It requires constant, delicate work that suits the characteristics of the roastery to constantly keep the potatoes under the same conditions despite changing climate conditions.


We take pride in our ability to sensibly adjust and maintain the environment inside the roastery. We have mastered the art of consistently creating natural, honey-like potatoes.

Welcome to Onari Street, Kamakura



Hiyashi Yakiimo

If you order 10 or more of the same product at the store, please make a reservation so that we can deliver it smoothly.


​Hana Onari

naturally sweetened vegetables

Exquisite kuradashi chilled sweet potato "Hana Onari"(Hananari)

Our flagship product "Hana Onari" is an additive-free snack that delivers sweet potatoes (silk sweet) that have been matured in our storehouse in the best possible condition.

Once baked, the potatoes are cooled to bring out the maximum umami and sweetness.

Please enjoy the slightly modest and elegant natural sweetness with a moist and smooth texture like silk.


500 yen

☆ You can also purchase from the online shop

  Kamakura ancient times online shop

☆ Local shipping (refrigerated cool delivery) is also available at the store


Kiridashi (Cut from Hana Onari)

Hana Onari's deliciousness is preserved

Kuradashi Chilled Sweet Potato "Kiridashi"

It is an easy-to-eat dish that preserves the deliciousness of our flagship product "Hana Onari".

We have added a little more than "Hana Onari", so you can enjoy it at a great price.


500 yen

☆Only sold in stores.



I froze the "cut out"!

Ice baked sweet potato(seasonal product)

A summer dish that you can enjoy casually, with the popular product "Kiridashi" frozen!

Crunchy and sticky, the deep natural sweetness spreads.

​With natural decompressionBite-sized cool sweets!

Half defrosting is recommended.

*This is a seasonal item.

​Please confirm your purchase at the store.


Ice baked sweet potato 500 yen

☆Only sold in stores.


Aburi-Yakiimo (Hot) 
(seasonal product)
butter & sugar
walnutbutter & sugar(above image)

The moist cross section is warm with a burnerseasonal products

Sugar and butter for brûlée are placed on the cross section of chilled sweet potato and baked on the spot with a burner. The sweet potato itself is getting warmer.

You can enjoy the exquisite taste that combines the sweetness of the sweet potato and the savory flavor of the roast.

Walnuts are a great match with lightly toasted walnuts! Please enjoy your meal.

This is a seasonal item. Please confirm your purchase at the store.

*Please let us know if you are allergic to dairy products.

◎It can be enjoyed cold or warmed up in the microwave.


butter & sugar 500 yen

Walnut Butter & Sugar 600 yen

​☆ Only available in stores.

*We are sorry, but due to the limited space, you cannot eat or drink inside the store.

​*All prices include tax

Handmade & Selected Japanese Crafts

Accessories and other goods made with tatami beri
Other popular Japanese items

Although it is a small space, we also sell Japanese miscellaneous goods.

Mini Furoshiki_edited.jpg
Brush pen_edited.jpg
Ink brush pen

We sell Japanese goods that we carefully selected. The most popular among them is the “scented ink brush pen.” It is made by an ink maker, and you can smell the wonderful sandalwood scent not only from the pen itself but also from the paper that you write on. All of our scented ink brush pens are wrapped in colorful traditional Japanese paper and can write both bold and thin lines. These pens are very useful and essential to writing in the Japanese style and would be a wonderful choice of souvenir from Japan as well.

Another one of our very popular items is the “solid perfume.” You can lightly dab it on your wrist or the back of your neck to enjoy a very nice scent. We offer five types of perfume scents including osmanthus (sweet olive) , yuzu (citron) and hydrangea. Please feel free to try them at our store. 

​Brush pen

The ink has a sandalwood scent. It is wrapped in colorful Japanese paper, so you can choose your favorite pattern. For both fine and bold writing.


380 yen

Kneaded perfume (hydrangea)
​Goods made with tatami beri

kneaded perfume

We have a total of 5 scents, including osmanthus, yuzu, and hydrangea.


730 yen

Sorry,following items ,we are not available now.

Tatami edge original goods

Practical goods such as wallets and pen cases are all available as one-of-a-kind items.


From 1,200 yen


Enjoy Kamakura baggage-free!

Kamakura station has a limited number of coin lockers. Especially with large suitcases, you may have a difficult time finding a place to store them. Our shop offers temporary baggage storage service from 10am to 6pm. Please feel free to stop by to check your baggage.


We charge 500 JPY (tax included) for any baggage whose sum of the three dimensions (height, width and length) does not exceed 140 cm. For anything larger, our rate starts at 700 JPY (tax included). We accept items such as baby strollers and umbrellas as well.


We also offer a special 500 JPY deal for anything that fits in our designated 30 cm by 40 cm by 50 cm bag. You can share a bag with your family and friends.


For further details, please click here or ask us at the shop.



Wishes behind the face of Enishi-chan


Our hope is for people of all ages to enjoy our finest chilled roasted sweet potatoes. This hope is reflected in Enishi-chan, the character printed on our shop curtain and other places. (The word enishi implies connection and fate.)


The face of Enishi-chan is drawn in a way that (s)he can appear to be a man or a woman of any age. Enishi-chan can appear to be a sweet grandmother, a samurai with a shaved forehead, an adorable blushing girl, or even a hard-working young priest.


Our chilled roasted sweet potatoes are healthy and safe foods made for people of all ages to enjoy.


Shop Information

Store appearance.JPG

Kamakura Inishienishi
1 minute walk from the Kamakura station’s west exit;

located on Onari street
1-2 Onarimachi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa 248-0012


Contact Us

★ For inquiries, please email us or fill out the form below. We will respond within three business days.

CLOSED: Tuesday and the second and fourth Wednesday of the month.

Regular Business Hours: 11am to 6pm ; Sat.&Sun.10:30am to 6pm / Onari Baggage Storage Service: 10am to 6pm

Our open and closed days may vary. To be sure we are open, please check Shop Information.

※ We accept cash and PayPay/ALIPAY.
※ There are no restrooms for the customers.



◉Baggage storage service is temporarily closed to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus(COVID-19), but will resume operations from Saturday, June 13. Hours : Shop : 10am〜6pm(Saturday,Sunday & National holiday )


◉We were temporarily closed to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus(COVID-19), but will resume operations from Thursday, June 4.
※Baggage storage service is temporarily closed.

Upon resumption, we will implement infection prevention measures aimed at ensuring the safety and security of our customers and shop staff.We apologize for any inconvenience, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Media information

◉ TV Asahi series"Take a detour on a local busIntroduced in (2021.8.15)

◉TV Kanagawa"Kanaful TV (Kanaful takes noticeKanagawa's important news 2022)”Introduced in (2022.12.25)

FM Kamakura"KAMAKURA GOODMORNING STATIONAtWas introduced. (2022.12.10)

◉ Kanagawa Shimbun"Imakana (Chilled Gourmet Special)"Introduced in (2022.7.18)

◉Kamakura FM"Kamakura Seaside Station"Introduced in (2022.2.14)


◉TV Kanagawa"Kanaful TV (A walk in Kamakura in winter! The definitive edition "Best 13 rumors")"Introduced in (2021.12.19)

"Tabi Urara Kanagawa Tourism Site / Kamakura/ShonanIntroduced in

"Kamakura City Tourism Association ~ Kamakura Tourism Official Guide ~"Introduced in

"Newspaper along the Enoden Line(issued in March 2020). (2020.3)

◉Information magazine"Yokohama Walker February issue[Feature]Plum Kamakura and other gourmet walkswas introduced to (2020.2)


Our Company / Contact Us

1-2 Onarimachi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa 248-0012


To contact us, please fill out the form below and click Send.

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