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◆ Kamakura / temporary baggage storage service for sightseeing ◆

Why don't you go sightseeing in Kamakura without baggage?

"Onari Baggage Storage Service" is a 1-minute walk from the west exit of Kamakura Station! It is annexed to "Kamakura inishienishi", a chilled roasted sweet potatoes shop.


We can also keep surfboards, musical instruments, strollers and umbrellas that do not fit in the coin locker.


We accept without reservation! It can be taken in and out on the way.

Please feel free to use.


* Under implementation of measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection


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◆ Business Information

Business hours: 10am to 6pm * Please contact us for storage after 6pm.

Address: 〒248-0012

1-2 Onarimachi, Kamakura City (back of coin park / banner flag is a landmark)

Phone number: 0467-22-2122 (Kamakura inishienishi)


Regular holiday: Every Tuesday, 2nd and 4th Wednesday




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is the mark.

◆ Price (tax included)

Rate starts at 500 JPY:

  • 500 JPY for small luggage  (140cm or less in total dimensions)

  • 700 JPY or more for large luggage (larger than 140cm in total dimensions)

  • 500 JPY for anything that fits in our designated 30 cm by 40 cm by 50 cm bag

*We accept large items such as baby strollers and umbrellas.


◆ Extension fee

  • When returning from 6pm to 7pm ・ ・ ・ Add half of the deposit fee

  • When returning from 7pm to 8pm ・ ・ ・ Add the full amount of the deposit fee

◆ Payment method

Cash / Cashless payment (paypay only)

◆ Flow from baggage deposit to receipt

To check your baggage:

Outside of Inishienishi, there is a sign that says Onari Street Baggage Storage Service. Press the intercom button next to the entrance under this sign, and our staff will attend to you. After filling out a form and making a payment, you receive a receipt. Please make sure to keep this receipt, as you will be asked to present it to pick up your bags.


※ Please note that we do not accept the following items.
・valuables including cash 
・fragile items
・perishable, refrigerated or frozen items 
・hazardous or flammable items 
・odor-generating items 
・any items that violate legal regulations

To pick up your baggage:

Please come in through the same designated entrance for the baggage storage service. Present your receipt, and we will return your baggage.

If we are holding any of your store-purchased items, please be sure to pick them up as well.

After 6pm you will not be able to pick up your baggage until our next business day. Please note that you will also be charged additional fees for the number of additional days. Our business days and hours for the baggage storage service correspond to those of Inishienishi. Please check the Shop Information on our website.

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